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Grey Curtains – A Must for your home

Grey is in! And we’re not just talking the 50 Shades version. Whilst 50 Shades of Grey certainly had many of us enthralled, there’s nothing like the real thing, the colour that is to create contrast and depth in a room.

Grey has kept it’s trendy position on the shade list since 2010 and it won’t budge. For this reason we wanted to pay homage to the colour that is. Technically, it is the halfway point between white and black, which makes it like a total neutral to pair perfectly with almost every other colour; bright and pastels alike. It’s a popular choice to the over utilised neutrals such as off white and beige. Its many shades frequently offer subtle notes which gives each grey its own unique feel. It can create warmth or coolness within a room just as it can channel a charming country feel or an edgy modern look. It can be calm and soothing as much it can be vivid, lively and energetic.

Here are our top seven reasons for choosing grey for your curtains

With such a wide spectrum of shades and tones grey works well on its own, or rather it works well by simply mixing different shades together. Dark and light tones will give contrast and depth to a room. There’s something almost regal about this deep grey living room. Grey can also be used as a statement shade in any room with the darkest versions such as charcoal or anthracite, an eye-catching wall colour wherever placed.

Grey Curtains are the new neutral

Grey curtains work throughout the home and can set the right tone in the office, the study or the living room. Grey fabric adds a sophisticated note to a simple décor whilst also being the perfect backdrop for a vibrant colour scheme. A popular choice instead of beige, off white or cream these days, it really is the perfect neutral.

Grey Curtains are perfect with pastels

Team pastels with grey for an understated and chic design statement. Pale colours gives grey a warm uplift so match them up for a luxurious and sophisticated look to emphasize brightness. Grey paired with pink continues to be a hit and just a small mix of grey mixed with a dusky pink can make a room really bring a room to life, adding warmth and lightness.

Grey makes colours pop

Pairing grey with bright colours will make your colours pop and any fabric design stand out. If you’ve chosen grey only fabric for your curtains accessorize with bright colours to create a bright contemporary look. This colour combination will liven up a room which is perfect for lounges and living areas.

Grey, like a good G&T is a great mixer

Grey works with every colour and depending on the combination creates a different look and feel. Pink and grey create a beautiful timeless look whereas yellow warms up grey. Grey is like a good G&T; it mixes well. Why not order some of our samples to see how grey curtains can come to life in your home? Having a neutral colour like grey in your living room curtains or even your bedroom curtains means accessorizing is easy. And when you want an updated look simply add new cushions or accessories. It’s so versatile that you can mix and match it with practically anything to get new looks every single time.

Grey enhances ambience 

A real mood influencer, grey can create different feelings depending on its application and shade. Use dark shades to create a cosy atmosphere in a smaller traditional room, ideal for a spare bedroom. Mix warm whites and pale greys to make a simple style statement and create a relaxing living environment. The paler the grey the lighter the room feels, dove grey is ideal for adding light to a dark space, just perfect for the home office.

Grey Curtains can create a contemporary or timeless feel

The colour grey works well in a contemporary home, paired with steel, copper, concrete and glass, it creates an urban designer look, ideal for loft living, a modern apartment or a stylish townhouse. Want a more timeless look? Grey simply doesn’t age. Pair your grey curtains with antique furniture or a different style and you’ll be set. Get some light cream accents and you have an airy and expensive looking room in no time!

Grey curtains are effortless to care for

Grey hides a multitude of sins! Yes both for curtains and in clothing. It hides the dust will always be a classic staple, in fashion, in any well-designed room or otherwise. Grey curtains also are relatively easy to take care of as you will not find a lot of marks or stains on them.

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