Guide to Measuring Curtains

For the purpose of ordering curtains through our site, you will be asked to give us 2 measurements. It is best to use a metal measuring tape. Do not try using a plastic ruler or a soft measuring tape. Take a note of your measurements in cm.


  1. If there is an existing track or pole, measure from one side to the other (on the inside of any finials or end caps etc.
  2. If there are no tracks up and you plan to start fresh – Ideally you need to take the width of the window opening and add anything from 25/30cm each side.
  3. It is best to keep the overlap equal on either side.


  1. Again if the track has already been installed, then use this as your guide.
  2. Usually, tracks are installed anywhere from 25-30cm above the top of the window frame to just under the cornice. If measuring an existing track, take the measurement from the top of the track to the floor and deduct 1-3cm (depending on how much you like your curtains off the floor.
  3. This deduction is for the clearance of the floor. This will ensure that a simple track is covered when curtains are closed. If you are using a wave track, measure from under the track to the floor and deduct 1-3 cm.
  4. If you have a rod with rings, measure from the eye of the ring where the hook will go. For eyelet curtains you need to measure from the top of the rod to the floor.
  5. If you are having and difficulties measuring send us an email with your questions.